About Tenzabelle

Untamable Sustainable Jewelry

Tenzabelle is a line of unique hand-crafted jewelry produced by California-based artist and goldsmith, Savannah Hunter. Savannah trained extensively in the metal and jewelry arts in studios in Italy, Indonesia, and California, including the esteemed Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.  She holds a degree in the History of Art from the University of California—Berkeley.

Savannah joins the long lineage of jewelers, metalworkers, alchemists, and artisans, proudly and humbly continuing the ancient practice of testing the limits of what can be created from the raw materials offered up by the earth.  She crafts all Tenzabelle Jewelry lovingly by hand in her Oakland studio.             

Tenzabelle's original and artistic jewelry designs arise from a creative process inspired by Savannah's many travels to far off places and her focused study of myth, magic, and art from around the world.  Understanding that the first jewelry and adornments were amuletic objects used for power and protection, she crafts her jewelry to inspire its wearers to tell their personal story through identification with significant forms, imagery, and materials. Tenzabelle jewelry is at once wild and elegant, delicate and empowering, meant to evoke a sense of strong, untamable feminine beauty that spans across all cultures and all eras.

As a green business owner and a member of Ethical Metalsmiths, Savannah follows green studio practices and seeks out ethically-sourced materials for all Tenzabelle products. This means using recycled or Fairmined silver and gold; conflict-free gems; found, re-purposed and “upcycled” materials; and eco-friendly jewelry packaging and promotional materials whenever possible.

Beyond creating timeless wearable treasures, Tenzabelle’s mission is to raise awareness about environmental and social injustices related to traditional mining practices, to empower jewelry-lovers to use their influence as consumers to bring about much-needed change in the jewelry industry and, last but not least, to celebrate and inspire innovative, sustainable design in all realms of art!  Visit our Ethos page to learn more!

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Photo by Darren Miller