At Tenzabelle we believe that the “green” movement and the shift toward living a more sustainable lifestyle will be the trends that come to define our era to later generations. With the constantly growing public awareness of the environmental and social impacts of our lifestyles and our purchases—from food to cars to fashion—artists, engineers, and designers in all industries are now truly beginning to define what being “green” looks like.

Sustainability is no longer just an environmental or social concept--it’s a style; and if you haven’t already noticed, it’s in! Like all artistic styles it can take many forms, but our perspective when it comes to our sustainable jewelry is that it is possible to be eco-friendly and ethical but still be as expressive, bold, ornate, and luxurious as your heart desires! Tenzabelle is committed to taking on this creative challenge. We hold nothing back in our unique handcrafted jewelry designs, but take great care with the impact of our production, so you can feel good when you wear our jewelry or give it as a gift to your loved one.


  • All of our gold and silver is recycled, never newly mined. We are pleased to announce that, beginning in 2015, we will also feature Fairmined gold!

  • We follow green studio practices, limiting waste, using less-toxic alternatives to traditional chemical solutions necessary to the jewelry-making process, and avoiding manufacturing processes that require heavy use of toxic chemicals. Our products are all handcrafted on a “small batch” artisanal scale in our Oakland, California studio, never sent over seas or assembled in large factories.

  • We seek out ethically-sourced materials for all of our designs including conflict-free gems and found, re-purposed, deadstock and “upcycled” materials. We seek out suppliers who source their goods directly and responsibly.

  • We use eco-friendly jewelry packaging and promotional materials whenever possible.

What YOU Can Do

  • Ask questions before you buy! Always ask where your jewelry comes from! Asking questions when you buy jewelry encourages retailers and manufacturers to ask questions of their suppliers. It’s a chain all the way back to the source and you, the consumer, play an important part by creating demand for better practices and accountability.

  • Learn more! There are many layers to the complex issues surrounding precious metal and gem mining and trade. There are no easy answers but the good news is that there are a growing number of jewelry designers, manufacturers, and organizations working creatively to come up with solutions. Here are some helpful links and articles to help you better understand the problems within the industry and some of the changes that are already afoot: